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The Healey Family Reunion: 
2016 Austin Healey Club of America Conclave—June 12 thru 17,2016

The Austin Healey Club of America has been sponsoring Conclaves (national meet for it members) since 1976. 
     A local/regional club submits a proposal to host a future Conclave to the national board though its local delegate (the national board is elected from and by the delegates). There are minimum requirements as to events and facilities. 
     Process, requirements and sup- port have been refined and strengthened over the 35+ years resulting in truly 1st class events year in and year out. 
     Each Conclave takes on/leverages the local club's talents & areas strengths and personalities. The local club has a lot of autonomy while having over sight and support (consulting & financial if needed) by National through the VP of Conclaves as well as sanity checks via status updates to the delegates at the bi-yearly delegates meetings. 
     The economics directive is "not to lose money" and any event  "profits" (ex- cess funds) that remain are split between the national and the local host club.
                                 The Ohio Valley                                   Austin Healey Club 
                       hosted the 1986 Conclave.
     Some of our 2nd generation members convinced the "old folks" to do it again under their leadership. We hope to prove that you can teach old dogs new tricks. It has made a strong close club even stronger and more active!
     Being a mature and fiscally responsible club, we had a unanimous vote at the start of this journey to donate the clubs portion of any "profits" from the event to The David Kreuter memorial fund to HONOR one our own 2nd generation that gave his all for ALL of us in Iraq in 2005.
     David is the son of Ken & Pat Kreuter who are active and founding members of OVAHC.
     Sgt. David K. Kreuter, USMC 
Reserve, died in Iraq Wednesday, 
Aug. 3, 2005. He was one of 14 Marines killed in a track vehicle destroyed by a roadside bomb.
Sgt. David K. Kreuter
June 25, 1979 Cincinnati, Ohio
August 3, 2005 Barwana, Iraq
     A proud member of Lima Company, 3/25 Marines, based in Columbus, Ohio, leaving behind his wife and 7-week-old son.

The David Kreuter memorial fund  annually offers the David Kreuter Memorial Scholarships to provide support to worthy students for an accredited college, technical school, or vocational school beyond high school, as well as students at St. Xavier High School. 

To learn more about David, visit:

     We are attempting to budget the event to have registrations and fees cover the cost and have sponsorships dollars creating the "profit" so we can provide true impact to his memory. Feel free to contribute directly to his honor.
Donations can be made directly at any branch of the 5/3 Bank, with the memorial account being David Kreuter Memorial