Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky/Southeast Indiana

Cincinnati Airport Marriott
 2395 Progress Dr. Hebron, KY 41048
 (859) 586-0166

The Healey Family Reunion: 
2016 Austin Healey Club of America Conclave—June 12 thru 17,2016

 • 4 new tires & Hendrix wheel    and brake tuning

 Tech Sessions daily
 • AC in a Big Healey
 • Healy5Speed Conversion
 • Wheels & Tires
 • 3000 performance mods
    more to come
 • Goldie - Her story by 
    Bill Emerson
 • Fresh 1275 engine

 Tech Sessions daily
 • Rivergate 5 speed conversion
   1275 w/5speed used for
   for demo will be for sale 
 • A-Series performance featuring
   Gary Lonsdale
 • Falcon Sprite featuring
   Roger Sieling
• WSJ, Innocenti, Bugeye,
    Square body comparison​

 • TBD suggestions?

 Tech Sessions daily
 • Prescheduled Dynamometer     session at TunrIN Concepts       two pulls for $50 

 • Speed runs /test and tune at Edgewater Motor Sports park

 • $500 Visa Card
Tech Sessions daily
 • Frank Schwartz
    - whatever he wants
 • Mark Schwartz - Tech Articles

Tell us what you want—
we have time to arrange it!

The Healey Family Reunion Concept—do the traditional stuff but shake it up and make it fun for all members of the family.
    Traditional Conclave stuff:  Monday - Ralleye & Ohio River Cruise; Tuesday - Car Show; Wednesday Gym/Funkahanna; Thursday Banquet
     Provide a robust offering of activities that will appeal to the various segments of the Healey family yet open to all.
• Diamond Stud Ear Rings​
• Ladies only lounge
• Shuttles to local shopping
• Yoga daily—Mat & Chair
• Tea w/fashion show &     
     historic singer impersonator..
• Quilting; Herb gardening
• Wine & Canvas/Wine Glass   

 • Ohio River Cruise
    BB Riverboats

 Friends/Date night
    Procter &Gamble  Big Band 
           dance coaches
• RC car
• Pine Wood Derby
• RC Car Races
• Valve Cover Races
• Scavenger Hunt
• Walking Ralley
• Free Pizza & Movie during  
      Banquet with supervision
Big Healeys
Nasty Boys
Healey Boats
Gear Heads
 • Come in early. 
   Sunday and  
   participate in the
   Cincinnati Concours 
   (2nd oldest in US). 
   British is the feature  
 • See Goldie and the ring 
    of Austin Healey Gold 
 • 3 of the 7 known in the US;
     1 of each known model.
        Its been a long time since      
        the boats have been out, a 
        must see!

• Antique Boat Center - Show
     largest firm for buying, 
     selling and restoring classic 
     and antique boats. will have 
     a display along with members 
     Healey Boats.
• Peer Awards
    Owners will determine the  
    best of their class.
• Traditional popularity awards
• Regalia
• Arts & Crafts
• Silent Auction
 • Gymkanna/AutoX/Solo 
 • Traditional Ralley
• self guided Ralley'

• Walking Ralley 
• Tech Sessions daily

     Develop the schedule so participants make and control their own time a la Cafeteria approach
     Main events will be available for a larger time block i.e. (9 AM to 3 or 4 PM)
     Have a multitude of Tech/info/fun sessions each day; 
     Have car show in afternoon/ evening with a cruise in to expose others to the cars.
     Provide each family segment opportunity to take a significant/relevant prize home just for coming.
     Donate any excess profit going to Ohio Valley AHC to the David Kreuter Memorial Fund (one of our own who gave it all for us in Iraq)
     Maximize FUN for all!—click on the titles to check out the details.