Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky/Southeast Indiana

Cincinnati Airport Marriott
 2395 Progress Dr. Hebron, KY 41048
 (859) 586-0166

The Healey Family Reunion: 
2016 Austin Healey Club of America Conclave—June 12 thru 17,2016

The Healey Family Registration
Conclave 2016, aka 2016 Healey Reunion, Registration & Regalia

Hopefully you’ve browsed our site and are excited to find that this event has something to offer to all members of the Healey Family! It is structured such that you can set you own schedule, pace and agenda. In keeping with this theme, we are using the all-inclusive pricing approach i.e. like going to an all-inclusive resort. Pay one fee and enjoy all the fun!

Our goal is to make it easy (for you and us) & affordable (40% savings), as well as participative. Enjoy ALL the activities without the hassle of registering and paying for each and every offering. By doing this, we are able to leverage the volume for better pricing with our suppliers and pass the savings on to you. 

All packages (excluding package G) include the River Boat dinner Cruise; Banquet; chance for one of the 5 registration gifts (some valued at more than $3000); a participant badge and a car badge for each of the registrants (couple=2; single =1)

        All the “normal” Conclave offerings; Rallye (regular & self-guided), Car Show (Popularity & Peer awards), Gymkana, Funkhana, Hospitality

        All non-driving special daily events (per your chosen package), all tech sessions

        Speed Runs at the Drag Strip, live music (nightly), shopping shuttles, walking rallyes … and so much more! 

All this and a full-service Marriott hotel for only $100.00 a night! There’s no doubt in our minds that this is a deal you won’t want to pass up!
Packages A through F include:
River Boat dinner Cruise; Banquet; Chance for one of the 5 registration gifts; a participant badge and car a badge for each of the people your package cover.

Couples get the items listed above for 2 people; singles for 1 person.

What differentiates the packages is the number of special daily non-driving related events you can attend.

Monday's High Tea/fashion show/vocalist; Tuesday's No-Sew Quilting art or Vase painting; Wednesday's Wine & Canvas; Thursday's No-sew quilting art or How to grow Herbs

Packages A & D – All-Inclusive - one ticket to all 4 special daily non-driving related events -   A couple $375; D single $300
Packages B & E - Limited - one ticket to any 2 special daily non-driving related events -         B couple $325; E single $245 
Packages C & F - Standard - NO tickets to the special daily non-driving related events -         C couple $275; F single $200
Package G - Registration Only - one participant badge, one car badge and NO tickets to any events -              G single $135

You can purchase additional tickets for any of the special daily non-driving related events, add extra vehicles and/or extra adults, but if you do the math, it’s almost always a better deal to upgrade to a different package and participate in all the activities.
How to Register:

Print out the  Registration Form, fill it out, write a check payable to Conclave 2016 and mail to: 78 Broadview Pl, Ft. Thomas KY 41075-1052
Print out the  Registration Form, fill it out, scan it and email it to    and

Pay by mail with a check sent to: 78 Broadview Pl, Ft. Thomas KY 41075-1052
 use the PayPal Donation Button (below) which will send your payment to
    the Make a Donation process allows you to enter total due from your Registration form...
             and either allow you to use your PayPal account or your Credit Card (pay as a guest).