Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky/South East Indiana

Cincinnati Airport Marriott
 2395 Progress Dr, Hebron, KY 41048
 (859) 586-0166

The Healey Family Reunion: 
2016 Austin Healey Club of America Conclave—June 12 thru 17,2016

Tool Crib:
We will have an on site car trailer & car canopy equipped with (hopefully) any tool an expert or amateur gear head might think they will need to either fix, adjust or simply screw up their's or their friend's Healey. 

The "Tool Crib" will be located up front and prominent, so you will not have to push the Healey very far. It will be a multi-functional facility with many many self proclaimed experts from all over the world avalaibe if you want them or not. 

For our nocturnal registrants, we will have a large screen TV and DVD player for whatever DVDs happen to be brought. If lawn chairs, cigars, bourbon and tall tales (lies) happen to brake out after dark, that is a risk we are willing to take!
The Tool Crib with most any tool 
you'll need plus Austin Healey Tech Wizards!

    "Healey Helpers"  in  Moss Motoring issue 2 about the group of OVAHC's members who are dedicated to getting and keeping the local "Healeys" on the road..... they will be on call during Conclave 2016
Austin Healeys can be 
temperamental, almost 
fragile at times, but as one 
owner said, “After driving 
3 years without a first gear, 
a weak reverse and 
a bent lay shaft, these 
Healeys are tough old 
     Seeing OVAHC Team in action is impressive. They’re all, to some degree, characters-with-quirks and rugged individualists, that, with common Healey fervor, bond to work together efficiently and cooperatively like the well-oiled machines they strive to repair. There may be many Austin Healey clubs that have assembled mechanic-savvy members as a resource to assist their member vehicles. 
     So the fact that we're espousing high praise for this OVAHC Tech Team, as among the best, most organized, responsive, reliable and skill-diversified, is completely unsubstantiated, based on no statistical, scientific data. However, I surmise, some other AH club folks reading this may experience a shred or two of envy. Perhaps this crack Tech Team should expand their reach and, like Paladin, extend “Have Healey Service—Will Travel”. At the very least, they should be #1 on every Healey 
owners’ speed dial.
     And the 2016 Conclave will 
be no different for these tech 
savvy Austin Healey wizards—
they'll be there when you 
need them.