Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky/Southeast Indiana

Cincinnati Airport Marriott
 2395 Progress Dr. Hebron, KY 41048
 (859) 586-0166

The Healey Family Reunion: 
2016 Austin Healey Club of America Conclave—June 12 thru 17,2016

Ladies, Couples and Kids 
Happy Wife (spouse/significant other) Happy Life
    Ohio Valley Austin Healey Club is a very couples oriented club...that is why we are a strong and very active club...
we have a lot of people participating; so if the better half is not wheels & exhaust enamored, we want to have fun and memory 
making activities to put smiles on everyone's face. The following is NOT some guys idea of Ladies activities; everything here 
is driven by the better halves of our club.
Again Maximize FUN for all!—click on the titles to check out the details.
competitive Pine Wood Derby coarse for all comers. We will have a Tech/build your car session early in the week for those who did not build one before. With champion- ship races to determine the pecking order for kids of all ages later in the week. Again it is open to kids of all ages and feel free to bring your own. Build Rules click here. 


• Valve Cover Races
Pan cover races have been a long standing tradition with the Sports and Touring Club at their annual Enclave. We want to continue the tradition started at Enclave 2015. 

  Click for RULES

• Kids choice Car Awards
All kids under 14 yrs. registered and in attendance will be entered in the drawing for a couple of hand built custom bodied Austin Healey Remote Controlled (RC) cars.
• RC Car Races
    Charlie Lownsdale of the Miami Valley (Dayton) AHC will set up a competitive coarse for his fleet of Healey bodies RC cars.  We will have a practice session and final races to determine the pecking order for kids of all ages. Iit is open to kids of all ages and feel free to bring your own cars. Build Rules click here.

• Pine Wood Derby
Gary Lownsdale of the SE Michigan (Detroit) Austin Healey Club residing in Loudon, Tennessee will set up a 
• Scavenger Hunt

• Walking Ralley

• Free Pizza & Movie during 
    There will be a Free and supervised Pizza & Movie/kids activity center in an adjacent room to the awards banquet. The intent is to provide     a special award for the parents bring kids that attend the awards banquet; in that mom & dad can quickly check in on their precious     ones (at their discretion) while attending the banquet in piece and quite.